Does Energy Management Software reduce energy consumption?

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Energy Management Software (EMS) = Energy Saving Systems?

Does an Energy Management Software save energy? The answer is no, which is the reason of many raised eyebrows for newcomers to the energy debate.

The aim of an Energy Management Software is to build business value by providing comprehensive insight; how much energy/money is spent on which tasks. Today, every business has to absorb considerable energy costs, regardless of its size. Interestingly, energy remains one of the least analysed costs. We believe the reason for this vacuum is the immaterial nature of energy as well as the complicated and confusing ways energy is invoiced. Thus, an effective Energy Management System is the most efficient tool to analyse your cost driver "energy". Once you understand where energy is wasted, management can take action to reduce energy consumption.  

Today, comprehensive Energy Management Systems are available for less than $2,000.-. If your business spends more than $15,000.- per year on electricity & gas it pays off to analyse where this money is going. While the system will not reduce energy consumption by itself i haven't heard of any organisation that didn't identify major energy wastage with the help of Energy Management Software.