Energy Conservation: We need to do something ....

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Energy conservation: We need to do something….        

Yes, this is the sentence I probably hear most often in my daily work at We need to do something to reduce energy costs, and we need to get there fast. What about yesterday?

Most of us know we spend too much on electricity, gas and water. But how do I achieve a fast result with minimal investment? Where do I start, how much shall I invest, which solutions work best in my business?

One way to approach this dilemma is to list possible initiatives such as solar power, LED lightening, water saving tools, assessments, reports, double glazing, energy stars on appliances, energy conservation, green stars, building management systems, energy management, refrigeration, air conditioning, and many more. Then you close your eyes and pick one. Well, that is one way that works as it will improve your energy efficiency – eventually.

I prefer to keep my eyes open. In fact I will do my best to gain a complete picture before making ANY investments, the same way I make any other investment.

Look: Do you know where you consume what? If electricity costs are too high, do you know whether the air conditioning or the lightening are the main issue? Gain a complete picture of where your energy is wasted before making any investments. There are countless tools on the market. Our solution is fully scalable and cost effective. Ask for a demo before you buy.

Identify Hotspots: Powerful energy management software (EMS) provides you with near-real time data (5-15 minute delay is fine), alerts, reports and all the data you need to identify energy efficiency opportunities. You can now make meaningful estimates for potential investments.

Control: Take control of your overheads and choose the energy efficiency opportunities that suit your budget, payback and risk profile. It is helpful to know that roughly half of the electricity & gas usage is normally used for heating and cooling. Optimised building management systems and serviced air conditioning can reduce your consumption by 10% - 30%.

Yes, fast results are possible. However, a minimal investment that allows you to see before spending money is crucial. Anyone telling you differently might be pulling your leg.