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Due to need to maintain services while trying to upgrade them SVHA has been seeking innovative ways to drive environmental outcomes. Probably the best examples have been the use or trial of:

Energy efficient filtration – the solution we are currently examining primarily drives reductions in HVAC fan/vsd energy use by providing similar or greater filtration levels while reducing resistance thus reducing the amount of energy required to maintain air flow and replenishment cycles. It is estimated that this could drive savings of up to $700K per annum alone.

BMS technology – physically upgrading BMS is both expensive and time consuming. Working with Entro.py we have been seeking an innovative way to drive greater control through a tertiary layer control system that works with the existing BMS to bring greater control and increase the levels of input from the building in terms of conditions thus allowing more precise changes which are already driving substantial reductions in energy primarily from HVAC.

Lighting – SVHA has complete a major lighting upgrade which involved a move to electronically ballasted T5s replacing magnetically ballasted T8s and LEDs as replacements for twin compact fluorescent downlights. While not technically innovative anymore the reason this is included is that SVHA after examining the technology available went with T5 adaptors which are often maligned in the marketplace. Use of this technology allowed rapid deployment with low operational impact while achieving a confirmed 50% reduction in energy consumption. Overall the lighting upgrade generated a reduction of more than 2.5 million kWh and savings of over $350,000 per year.