To Save or not to Save Part II

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Vision, did you say vision?

Let's explore a bit further what gaining vision from an energy perspective actually means. Analogy is a great tool; dear reader, take a few seconds to consider and think of what happens in your head when you watch a car passing by. We will assume you are not overly busy with other topics and you are actually paying attention to the car. Is it fair to say most of us would make some sort of estimation of the car efficiency just by processing the type and the make of the car? If you are a male I am pretty sure you would and without trying to be sexist, I do believe that most women would do too, even if a lot of ladies claim not to be interested in cars.

Now, what happens when you look at a power point on a wall? Let say you would pay attention to a power point on a wall, what happens in your head?... nothing, right? This is a power point where I could connect a piece of equipment that needs power, full stop. No estimation of the efficiency of this power point. How come a power point can be efficient anyway?

What if there was a tool that could give an indication of the energy efficiency of a power source? This would be the first step of gaining vision, even before we start to measure energy consumption using meters and sub-meters. This is the first step every company should consider, getting a tool to get an indication of its energy efficiency. Where is my power coming from, is it sustainable, does it have a really bad impact on the environment, is it scarce, does it generate a lot of green gas, etc...This tool exists, it does not need meters and sub-meters to start with, it just needs the data from the energy service providers. If you want to learn more, contact us.