Who can service Building Mangement Systems?

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Who can service Building Mangement Systems?

Efficiency is stressed and maintenance budgets are tight. Maintenance departments are facing difficult times, especially for immaterial services; lacking information and communication causes uncertainty about the level of service provided. High requirements to maintain optimal comfort levels rely on a trusting relationship between the client ant the service provider.

Unfortunately, alternative options are not straight forward. Can my Building Management Systems be serviced by the company of my choice? The answer is that it depends. These steps will get you on the right track:

1. Do you know terms & conditions from your manufacturer?
While manufacturers are happy to install their hard- and software, many will not give you the option to purchase a software licence. This might not cause any issues in the first few years, but it does have considerable implications: Your system can only be serviced by the manufacturer or by a company authorised by the manufacturer (which is pretty much the same as it denies you free choice).

2. I don't own a licence - what now?
If you don't own a licence you have 3 choices:
- Find a manageable arrangement with your manufacturer that works for all involved.
- Purchase a full licence for your system giving you the option of choosing your service provider
- Open up your building management systems. Discuss this option with your independent service provider, they will be able provide you with a solution.

3. My system is open, how do i choose my service provider?
Building automation systems are complex and the service is invisible, which makes it exceptionally hard to distinguish an amazing service from the average quick fix. To find the company that is right for you it is best to start with a list of your expectations; Are you interested in energy management software, do you need to reduce energy consumption? Or is your top priority to increase comfort levels? Is your organisation running unusual hours of operation, and do the occupants of your building have special needs? Every service provider will claim to be able to address these issues, but not many have the awareness, the communication skills, the openness and technical expertise to connect the dots.

In the world of big data, building automation and power energy management it is real people with highly specialised skills that make change happen.